Services that I provide

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As a private psychotherapist I am not constrained by organisational frameworks. The client and I agree a mutually convenient time slot on a weekly basis which can be re-negotiated later. My goal is to help the client towards independence, and this may involve moving to fortnightly sessions as we work towards an ending. I am also mindful that life’s challenges might bring clients back to therapy and I am happy to work with old clients again or help them find someone else who can meet their needs effectively.

The Way I Work

Initially I conduct an assessment of each client, looking at their family of origin in terms of landmark events, family bonds and forms of communication. I aim to understand the affectional bonds or attachments, beginning in infancy between child and parent and later in adult life. This work clarifies what has brought them to therapy. We use this together to inform the client’s goals and create a plan in relation to the early stages of the work. A more organic way of working together follows this until the client feels they are ready to move on without my help.

What you can expect if you work with me

I provide a safe, therapeutic space where you can gain insight into your challenges, work through them, and restore balance. I recognise that changing yourself requires courage and offer confidential, empathetic support; someone to walk beside you on the journey towards your best self.

Some of the areas I work with


We all need to lean on others at difficult times but for some, the relationships we choose make us unhappy. From early in life we develop an attachment to our main caregivers that tends to continue. This style of attachment deeply effects our emotional development and the health of our relationships with others. You might already be aware of difficulties with your intimate relationships or feel abandoned when those you love seem unable to meet your needs. Developing a loving relationship with ourselves, recognising our needs, values and beliefs is at the heart of working with all relationships.


Anxiety is a normal and helpful emotion when it protects from harm or stimulates us to overcome challenges but persistent worrying and the physical symptoms that accompany it can interfere with everyday functioning. If you spend hours ruminating over what might go wrong rather than experiencing life in its fullness, you know how debilitating this is. Reducing your anxiety has lasting health benefits in relation to sleep, decision making, productivity, creativity, and happiness. It makes you less irritable and allows you to experience better relationships. I work with anxiety in various ways from techniques to alleviate worry and promote rest to more directed work in the therapeutic setting.

Eating disorders

The way we perceive our body and the way we eat can become disordered for many reasons. Biology, culture, and our early attachment style all play a part. The Covid-19 pandemic is thought to have increased eating disorder risk and symptoms, reduced factors that protect against disordered eating, and intensified difficulties in receiving treatment. Whether you are caring for someone with an eating disorder or going through your own difficulties with food, I can help. I have personal experience of how anorexia can impact a family as well as clinical experience of working with disordered eaters. I use the same skills-based approach that is used by professionals on specialised eating disorders units.

Motherhood and post-natal depression

As a survivor of post-partum depression and a working mother I understand the incredible challenges of balancing the varied roles modern women hold. For some, maintaining healthy sleep, exercise and eating routines, and taking advantage of social support, essential when we are caring for a newborn becomes too difficult. The new role of mother or differences experienced with subsequent births can be confusing and distressing. Fathers can also experience complex emotions connected with the birth including a sense of powerlessness, relationship issues and difficulty with bonding. Working with a supportive therapist will allow you to process these feelings and step into your new role with more confidence.

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