What is a Psychotherapist?

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A psychotherapist is a qualified mental health professional, someone who has passed training at postgraduate masters or masters’ equivalent level. Students remain in therapy for the duration of the training which must be for at least four years to integrate theoretical knowledge and clinical experience. This includes learning about how psychotherapy can facilitate a change in the neural mechanisms of the brain. Self-awareness, listening, verbal and written communication skills, empathy, a non-judgemental attitude, and the ability to create a rapport with others are all pre-requisites of the profession. Psychotherapists adhere to a code of conduct set out by our accreditation organisation. UKCP accreditation is a symbol of quality, with requirements in terms of research, diversity and equality, safeguarding, ethics, security, confidentiality, and supervision.

Psychodrama, an existential psychotherapy requires the therapist to truly encounter the individuals or groups with whom they work, addressing how they can live in the face of uncertainty, conflict, or death. During training I worked with individuals, groups, and primary care services in different contexts.

What is the role of a psychotherapist?

The role of psychotherapist includes conducting assessments to identify needs and establish preliminary goals; helping clients in individual or group sessions to reduce symptoms of mental illness, keeping confidential records that monitor, evaluate and record client progress with respect to treatment goals and adhering to supervision guidelines. Psychotherapists are required to work with a supervisor who thinks with them about their clients, offers help and supports them to work within an ethical framework. In primary care settings such as NHS hospitals or outpatient clinics psychotherapists collaborate with medical staff and social workers to meet patient needs as part of a larger team.

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