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I began working with a psychotherapist in my early 20’s and eventually joined a psychodrama group she was running. Psychodrama, pioneered by Jacob Moreno, a contemporary of Freud, sees the roles we play in our lives as either satisfactory, less useful than they need to be or overdeveloped. Rather than viewing individuals as fixed, it sees them as subject to change and uses our innate creativity and spontaneity to enable change to occur. Psychodrama began as group therapy but now encompasses one to one action techniques. I was so altered by my experience with this style of therapy that I decided to train to become a psychodrama psychotherapist myself.

I began training in 2014 alongside my career in teaching and experienced various clinical roles whilst still a student. These included working at an outpatient eating disorders unit with adults, a stint as therapist in a women’s prison and running a long-term group within the NHS. I also saw one to one clients in a women’s centre as well as private clients during the training period. The Pandemic beginning in March 2020 delayed my final examination which could only be conducted in a live group setting. I passed in 2021.

You do not need previous experience of drama to work using action techniques, indeed some clients prefer to focus on talking therapy for some time before moving into action. My role is to help this way of working become accessible to you and I will work at a pace you feel comfortable with.


Psychotherapy sessions traditionally last 50 minutes each week. I offer short-term, long-term, and open-ended psychotherapy. Some people have a specific issue to process and feel much better after as few as 10 sessions whereas others choose to leave our contract open-ended. I see clients on a weekly basis initially and draw up a contract to frame our meetings. This includes information about changing appointments, holidays, and payment.

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About some of my work

I have worked with clients whose issues included low self-esteem, trauma, relationships, grief, family conflicts, parenting, addiction, stress, depression and ADHD. Whether they need help managing unhealthy reactions, living with major life changes or resolving stress from work or other situations, I provide a warm, non-judgemental environment to process their difficulties.

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