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UKCP and BPA accredited psychotherapist, supporting you to cope with mental health difficulties, heal and grow towards lasting change.

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I experienced mental health issues and began working with a counsellor at university. The support of psychotherapy helped me to develop into a confident adult with a successful teaching career, a happy marriage, and wonderful family. In 2014 I embarked on my own psychotherapy training to give back some of this experience and help others live more complete and fulfilling lives.

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About Lynne Tupper and her services

I believe human beings have the capacity to cope with trauma and face life’s challenges with self-compassion and courage. I provide creative, experiential therapy to support you
through hardship, periods of change and self-discovery. I have worked with clients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addiction, those wishing to come to terms with past losses or explore their next stage in life.

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I welcome all clients, offering a non-judgemental space in which you can look at things that make you unhappy and find new pathways towards health and wellbeing. I work holistically, thinking with you about how to balance your mind, body, and emotions. This begins with talking and can move into more active ways of working that develop your spontaneity and creativity.

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We all feel down from time to time but if your low mood persists, you don’t enjoy things anymore or feelings of guilt and hopelessness overwhelm you, I will help you understand and address the thinking patterns that bring on depression and how to counter them with new behaviours.

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Modern life’s focus on achievement, wealth, and digital communication has eroded our ability to make human connections and live in the moment, leading to chronic worry, perfectionism, and black and white thinking. I will assist you to become more mindful, to forgive yourself and move on, accepting that life is not either wonderful or dreadful but that positive and negative elements co-exist.

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Psychotherapy helps you investigate worries, thoughts, and feelings to improve your mental health. Imagine a mirror that allows you to remember painful experiences rather than shutting them down, admit behaviours that are shameful, rediscover strengths and acknowledge what it is you want to change. Now imagine a person helping you with all of this, holding up the mirror, sometimes laughing with you about what is reflected or supporting you to do things in a new way. This is a psychotherapist.

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Why Psychotherapy is important

Psychotherapy recognises that you have a past. Experiences, memories, and relationships from the past can make you feel helpless or abandoned now. Understanding what has happened in your life is an important step in making positive change for the future. Change is part of life and can precipitate crises or lead to exciting new opportunities. Perhaps you have a deep, frequently ignored awareness that you need to change parts of yourself. Psychotherapy can help you let go of past hurt, enrich your life, and inspire you to dream bigger. Contact me for more information.

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